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Tangshan City and Tauranga City of New Zealand signed a Letter of Intent for Development of Twin-city Relation 2018-04-08

On April 4th, Tangshan and Tauranga of New Zealand signed a letter of intent for the development of twin-city relation. Mayor Ding Xiufeng and Grego Brownis, mayor of New Zealand's Tauranga City, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. According to the agreement, the two sides will strengthen exchanges in the fields of economy and trade, education, sports, innovation and other fields, share mutual development experience, and promote common prosperity and progress. Before the signing ceremony, Ding Xiufeng met with Grego Brownis and his party.

The following leaders also attended the meeting, they were Cao Quanmin, the deputy mayor; Liu Changsuo, vice chairman of Tangshan Municipal CPPCC; and Zhang Wenming, secretary of Tangshan Municipal Government.

Firstly, Ding Xiufeng welcomed the arrival of Gerego Brownis and his party. He pointed out that Tangshan was a heroic city that was highly appreciated and appraised by Chairman Xi Jinping. In 2010 and 2016, Chairman Xi Jinping visited Tangshan twice and praised Tangshan as a heroic city and Tangshan people as heroic people. He successively made important instructions of “three kinds of major efforts to complete” and "three kinds of walking in the forefront" and pointed out the direction for Tangshan. Tangshan had the advantages of natural harbor and unique location. It was a coastal industrial city with a hundred years of history, which was hailed as “the cradle of China’s modern industry” and had great potential for future development. At the same time, Tangshan was also a historical and cultural city in the origin of modern Chinese higher education. Tangshan Jiaotong University, known as the “Oriental Cornell”, was the earliest higher engineering school in China and had created a glorious history of modern Chinese education. In recent years, Tangshan had been striving to build an education system which was compatible with its economic and social development. Many middle schools and universities had established good cooperative relations with schools in more than 30 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany and Ireland. Especially, with the city of Tauranga, several forms and levels of exchanges and cooperation had been carried out. Mr. Ding hoped that the two sides would further strengthen friendly exchanges and deepen pragmatic cooperation in the areas of economy, education, sports, and culture so as to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Grego Brownis said that Tauranga City was an important commercial, international trade, cultural, fashion and horticultural science center and tourism and leisure resort in New Zealand. It owned New Zealand’s largest container export port. Especially, Tauranga had high quality educational sports resources. He hoped that the two sides would further enhance understanding, deepen cooperation in various fields, and expand mutual interaction among the citizens, so that the tree of friendship between the two parties would be evergreen.

The two sides signed Tangshan City of China and Tauranga City of New Zealand Education Cooperation Agreement so as to strengthen education exchanges and cooperation.

The responsible comrades of relevant departments in Tangshan City attended the meeting.