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Fengrun started Activity of Investment Promotion Year 2018-04-11

A few days ago, the total investment of six projects above one hundred million yuan was 3.86 billion yuan, including Linde track equipment, Tanda rail vehicle seats, ATEN machinery equipment, etc. These six projects were signed, and the total investment of Debon renewable resources utilization project which was launched and under construction was 2.17 billion yuan. Fengrun District identified 2018 as the year of attracting investment. It was estimated that throughout the year there would be more than 300 reserved projects above a certain scale, more than 60 contracted projects, more than 30 start-up projects, and more than 30 industrial chain extension projects.

Strengthen investment promotion measures and launch full-scale investment promotion. Fengrun District would take Beijing as the investment promotion center, enrich its power of investment promotion in Beijing, reserve more than 50 Beijing-Tianjin industrial transfer projects throughout the year, and send investment promotion teams to Qingdao, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta to further extend its investment network and range. For key areas, a number of investment promotion teams led by district-level cadres would be set up to carry out investment promotion by cold-calling. At the same time, from district-level leaders to ordinary Party member cadres, everyone would be the main investment individual with the task of attracting investment, and form a joint force through gathering the information on investment from all members.
Highlight key fields and make flexible investment strategies. Fengrun District would focus on equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, deep processing of steel products, and residential industrialization. Relying on central and state-owned enterprises such as CRRC Tangshan Company and Jinyu Jidong, it would adhere to a policy of one enterprise and one policy and precisely select the right entry point. Within the year, the district would reserve more than 240 industrial and modern logistics projects whose asset investment would exceed 20 million yuan, and more than 60 projects whose asset investment would exceed 10 million yuan in agriculture, high-tech industries, cultural tourism, social undertakings, infrastructure, etc. At the same time, the ways of industrial chain investment, small group investment, online investment would be used, and investment consultants, agency investment, commissioned investment would be adopted by relying on  the advantage of a wide range of human resources to constantly improve the effect of investment.
Create great business environment and promote high quality development. Fengrun District would focus on optimizing policy environment, lowering corporate costs, improving government service level and maintaining fair competition in the market. Besides, the district would continue to strengthen its business environment, give full play to "business environment 110" rapid response mechanism, further promote "running for once at most" and “non-meeting approval” and other reforms, improve "one seal management approval" and "internal process recreation" mechanism, fully implement online approval, limited time approval, overtime acquiescence and other systems, and strive to create the l"four most" government affairs environment including the least number of examination and approval items, the lowest charging standards, the fastest efficiency and the best service level.