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Ding Xiufeng met Guests of China Life Insurance Group 2018-04-13

On the morning of April 12, deputy party secretary and mayor Ding Xiufeng met Zhao Hui, the managing director of the direct investment department of China Life Insurance Asset Management Co., Ltd., and his party in Tangshan City.

The following leaders attended the meeting, they were: Wang Jishan, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Hebei Branch; Liu Dong, Party Secretary and General Manager of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch; Mao Jin, Party Secretary of Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Branch; and deputy mayor Cao Quanmin and Zhang Wenming, secretary of the municipal government.

Firstly, Ding Xiufeng expressed his welcome to the guests. He pointed out that Tangshan is a city with a strong real economy, a solid industrial foundation, and a vast space for development in the financial and insurance industry. It is hoped that China Life Insurance Group would pay more attention to the development of Tangshan, take full advantage of its insurance funds, actively carry out pilot experiments in financial innovation in Tangshan to provide new support for the transformation and development of Tangshan, and create new advantages to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the development of Tangshan. Tangshan City would take this signing opportunity as an opportunity to pragmatically promote the implementation of cooperation agreement, constantly expand the cooperation of space and business between the two sides, and increase vitality and power for the goal of "three kinds of efforts to build", "three things to walk ahead" and "taking the lead in doing two things".

Zhao Hui briefly introduced the basic situation of China Life Insurance Group. He said that China Life Insurance Group would give full play to its advantages and begin pragmatic cooperation with Tangshan in areas such as infrastructure and the construction of "one port and two cities", and make new and greater contributions to the promotion of local economic and social development.

After the meeting, the municipal government respectively signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch, China Life Asset Insurance Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch, and Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.

China Life Insurance Group, Guangfa Bank and the responsible relevant departments of the municipality participated in the related activities.