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Qianxi Signed 20 New Industrial Projects in Beijing 2018-04-25

Recently, the 2018 Beijing Investment Promotion and Project Signing Ceremony of Qianxi County was held in Beijing. 20 projects whose total investment was 3.13 billion yuan were successfully signed.

The projects that have been intensively signed at this time include projects of Bosch automated machinery production base, smart city lighting construction, graphene thermal management application and industrialization, and in-depth development of extracts of chestnut flowers. These projects have high technology content, good market prospects, and ecological environmental protection, which fill gaps in the industry of Qianxi and enhance the industrial level of emerging industries.

Qianxi County boasts a solid industrial base and superior investment conditions, which has spawned a number of industrial leaders and leading companies. For example, Jinxi Iron & Steel Group ranks 205 in the top 500 in the country; Jinxin Photovoltaic Glass has an annual output of 100 million square meters; and Ruizhao Laser is the nationwide remanufactured pilot unit. In the signing of projects and their landing work, they have created “Jingtian Speed” and “Furunda Efficiency”, which attracted Jingtian, Gaoshun Investment, Furunda, Jingda and other well-known enterprises to settle in the county.