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Ecdemic Visitors Highly Praised Beautiful Scenery and Great Affection of South Lake in Tangshan 2018-04-26

"You can see such a good scenery here. Why do you need to go to the West Lake in a long distance?" Recently, Zhang Shifang, a visitor from Tianjin, was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery when she just entered the South Lake Scenic Area.

With the opening of South Lake Scenic Area for free, major travel agencies in Tangshan have made preparations in advance. The opening of South Lake Scenic Spot for free has become a new hot spot for publicity and attracted visitors from other places.

Recently, when the reporter visited the South Lake to experience a free tour, seeing such a group of people among many visitors at the entrance, who were particularly eye-catching. They were from a Tianjin tour group with Tianjin accent and uniform little red hats. "Visiting the South Lake is free now. My friends and I come here to have a visit!" As a member of the tour group, Zhang Shifang said happily, "Our relatives in Tangshan told us this good news that visiting the South Lake is free now. Since it is not far from Tianjin to Tangshan, I signed up a travel group in order to visit relatives as well as the park."

In the bright springtime, there are a host of visitors in the South Lake Scenic Area which is full of vigor and vitality. Visitors relax themselves in the picturesque scenery, get close to the nature, and cheer for not only the beauty of South Lake but also for a happy life. Ms. Zhang said excitedly, “When the Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition was held before the last year, I heard that the South Lake was beautiful. I came here today and found that the scenery is about 100 times more beautiful than it was in the publicity film.” After climbing on the Phoenix Platform, she viewed the overall beauty of the South Lake.

Originally, the South Lake Scenic Area was a large-scale subsidence area formed over more than a hundred years of coal mining. It was once a sewerage, garbage, and overgrown ruins. After two large-scale ecological remediation projects, the southern mining area was transformed into a large-scale urban central ecological park that integrates natural ecology, history, culture and modern culture into a national 4A-level scenic spot in 2010 with a total planning area of 30 square kilometers. Later, Tangshan won the right to the 2016 World Horticultural Expo. During the 171-day Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition, more than 5 million tourists from home and abroad visited the South Lake to enjoy the flowers and linger around. They witnessed the new ambition and pursuit of this century-old industrial city.

In the future, the South Lake will surely attract more ecdemic tourists. Let us make the scenic spot a window to display clear water and green mountains in Tangshan, and make this business card of South Lake even more beautiful.