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2018 Caofeidian Wetland Half Marathon was Upgraded to International Event 2018-04-26

On April 23, the 2018 Caofeidian Wetland International Half Marathon with the theme of “Running in Caofeidian-A Civilization Wetland Tour” will start at 8 am on May 20. By then, more than 2,000 long-distance runners from Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries will gather in Caofeidian to stage a joyful feast of half marathon in the beautiful and oxygen-laden Caofeidian Wetland.

According to the introduction, this marathon was upgraded from Caofeidian Whole Area Half Marathon event to an international one on the basis of the first session. In order to ensure the high quality of the competition, the event will adopt humane tracks, a variety of competition systems, high-quality supplies, professional protection and other measures, and will put the folk culture of Caofeidian District into the competition to demonstrate Caofeidian’s folk customs and cultural heritage. The event also incorporates elements of puffer fish festival and Phi prawn festival to increase tourism experience projects, participate in interactive activities of runners, Caofeidian marathon’s story collection and other links, and strive to create a story-based and cultural event. The event is divided into half-marathon (21.0975 km) and three-km public health running, couple running, and parent-child running. Among them, the number of half marathon participants is 1,000, and the number of participants for the other three public participation programs is 500. The contestants will depart from Caofeidian Wetland Tourist Reception Center, passing all the way through Huiju Square, Caofei Lake, Sports Park, Double Dragon River and other places. Accompanied by flowers, blue sky and clear water, runners will fully experience the beauty of nature and human in Caofeidian in the smooth running.

With the advent of the era of big tourism, the connection between culture and sports industry and tourism industry becomes closer and closer. The continuous host of marathon events in Caofeidian not only provides a stage for long-distance runners, but also better assists Caofeidian's integration of culture and travel, focusing on displaying the image and spiritual outlook of Caofeidian.