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Women Entrepreneurs of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entered into Tangshan City and Signed Agreements 2018-04-27

On April 24, Tangshan City held Hebei Provincial Women's Business and Innovation Project and Women Entrepreneurs in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to Enter into Tangshan Cooperation Project Signing Exchange Activity. Wang Dongmei and He Chunjun, respectively the deputy chairman of Hebei Provincial Women’s Federation and the deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal People’s Congress attended the activity and delivered their speeches. Nearly 240 people participated in the the activity, including excellent female entrepreneurs of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, entrepreneurial guidance experts who care about and support the development of women entrepreneurs, and representatives of professional investment institutions.

During the activity, 28 organizations in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have reached cooperation intentions with female entrepreneurs in Tangshan City. Within the year, the cooperative sides plan to invest nearly 1.3 billion yuan to implement a batch of three-product service projects that serve the people's livelihood and service development, involving the Internet platform and e-commerce, culture and ideas, education, health and medical care, modern business logistics, housekeeping services and other industrial formats. On the activity site, 13 enterprises respectively signed strategic cooperative agreements with the related enterprises and organizations, including Hebei Huamao Electric Power New Material Co., Ltd., Tangshan Aoshengtong Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. At the same time, among the 70 innovative projects recommended by each city’s Women's Federation in Hebei Province, 9 of them were selected to perform in the activity. The famous domestic business leaders, and representative professional from investment institutions and Hebei Provincial Women's Creative Innovation Investment Alliance commented on and analyzed the projects one by one. They provided improvement programs and delivered a high quality and efficient entrepreneurial innovation project analysis of professional course for project organizations.

During their visit in Tangshan, the participants also went deep into High-tech Development Zone to learn more about the investment policies and key investment projects; and watched Tangshan Baichuan Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Tangshan Yinglai Technology Co., Ltd., and watched the practical exercises of various types of intelligent robots and interactive experience at the incubation center of robot industry, including Tangshan Baichuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Tangshan Yinglai Technology Co., Ltd., Xinhe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., CITIC Heavy Industry Kai Shing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and other high-tech enterprises. They had a deep understanding of the development of high-tech enterprises in Tangshan, and had match exchanges on the related project cooperative intentions.