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37 Projects was signed at Tangshan Caofeidian Port Logistics Trade Processing Industry Promotion Conference 2018-04-28

From April 25 to 26, Caofeidian Port Logistics Trade Processing Industry Investment Promotion Conference was held at Caofeidian Bohai International Conference Center in Tangshan. Sun Guishi, member of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and secretary of Caofeidian District Committee, and Ren Haoxiang, vice chairman of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing attended and delivered their speeches at the meeting. At the promotion meeting, a total of 37 projects were signed on site with a total investment of over 45 billion yuan. It is expected that Caofeidian will increase its trade volume by 70 billion yuan in 2018 through this promotion meeting so that the trade volume of registered companies in the district will reach the level of 100 billion yuan. In the next five years, it is estimated that the trade volume will increase by 270 billion yuan.

In his speech, Sun Guishi stated that Caofeidian was an important cooperation platform for the coordinated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, a new growth pole created by Hebei Province, and a core bearing area for the construction of “One Port and Two Cities” in Tangshan City. It was also one of the three major regions of China (Hebei) Free Trade Zones to be registered. With the in-depth implementation of the strategy mentioned above, more industries near the port would accelerate their transfer towards Caofeidian. A large number of policies of the central government, provinces, and cities would also make Caofeidian its pilot place, which would provide major opportunities for the development of the port logistics and trade processing industry. At present, Caofeidian was leading the construction of a world-class comprehensive trading port and striving to build a logistics trade processing center of 6 types, including 300 million tons of coal, 200 million tons of iron ore, 30 million tons of LNG, 50 million tons of steel, 45 million tons of crude oil, and 5 million tons of timber. It would support enterprises to enter the area in terms of planning guidance, industrial support, and talent introduction. He sincerely hoped that all entrepreneurs would seize business chances, share development opportunities, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

The promotion attracted nearly 400 domestic and foreign merchants of modern logistics, port trade, cross-border e-commerce and import and export trade. The contracted projects included the cross-trade supply chain service industrial park and commodity supply chain service industrial park of Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group, the cloud merchant platform project of HBIS Group, and the logistics trade of Mongolian Asia Logistics Co., Ltd.

The guest merchants participating in the conference visited Caofeidian Real Estate Planning Exhibition Hall, Caofeidian Port Trade Building, Shougang Jingtang Company, the site of Port Logistics Park Warehouse Logistics Project, and the general terminal of Caofeidian Port. The merchants were deeply impressed by Caofeidian’s win-win concept, investment environment, and service efficiency. They all wished to work together with Caofeidian to create a brilliant future.