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South Lake "May 1" Carnival Week will start Tomorrow 2018-04-30

According to the unified arrangement of Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau, from April 29 to May 6, Tangshan City will hold the “Tangshan Weekend Mantis Shrimp Seafood Festival”. The scenic area of South Lake will be used as a branch venue. The “2018 Tangshan South Lake ‘May 1’ Carnival Week” will be held, which will provide colorful activities for the citizens of Tangshan. At that time, mantis shrimp, as the specialty seafood cultural resources of Tangshan, will be used.

Food and catering focus on the mantis shrimp and meticulously research and develop nearly 30 different flavors for tourists to enjoy; entertainment activities will introduce basketball machines, billiards, table football, tabletop games, and old-fashioned red-and-white game consoles, and child's play facilities such as inflatable naughty castles, rail trains, bumper cars, etc. will be included through the selection of the most popular entertainment projects. In the meantime, the country’s top football, basketball clubs and social organizations will be invited to perform fancy football and basketball performances, roller skating performance teams and hip-hop performance teams will be invited to perform as well; stage performances will invite local performance groups to perform rock and pop music performances, musical instrument performances, folk art performances, and other forms of performances, and folk song singers and campus singers will be invited to sing songs on a small set-up stage, where visitors can also participate in the show enjoying the lively music types while enjoying the food; 3D light and shadow show uses the most advanced naked eye 3D technology to project virtual images on the largest single bronze sculpture—The Scarlet Phoenix Flies Towards the Sun, which is combined with a four-dimensional surround sound system and creates a spectacular, best sound entertainment audio-visual feast of light and sound.