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South Lake Scenic Area received More than 340,000 Tourists During the Holiday of May 1 2018-05-03

On May 1, the operation of the small holiday of “May 1”in the scenic area of South Lake was successfully completed. During this period, the activity of “Tangshan Weekend Mantis Shrimp Seafood Festival and 2018 Tangshan South Lake ‘May 1’ Carnival Week” was held. The excellent activity attracted visitors from all over the world to the area with receiving 342,211 visitors (up to 19 o'clock on May 1).

During the activity, in the gourmet dining area of the square of Red Phoenix Flying Towards the Sun, the restaurant mainly focuses on the catering of mantis shrimp. Nearly 30 kinds of mantis shrimp are continuously available for tourists; in the recreation area, entertainment facilities for all ages are available for tourists; in the interactive performance area, the activity with the theme of “Mantis Shrimp Follows Me, You Have a Story and I Have Wine” provides a platform for visitors to show their stories and photos; fancy basketball, roller skating, directional challenge and other interactive activities open the carnival mode; the large-scale 3D light, as the hottest night scene, continues to light the the South Lake.

Kong’ang, deputy general manager of Tangshan Horticulture Investment Development Co., Ltd. introduced that since the scenic area of South Lake eco-tourism had opened for free, it attracted more tourists to play. In order to welcome the "May 1" Carnival Week, the area had made full preparations in all aspects to ensure that tourists from all over the country could eat and play well in the South Lake and leave with good memories. At the same time, through a variety of activities, the experience of visitors in the park could be enhanced. This activity would not only lay a solid foundation for the new layout of the scenic area of South Lake after the opening of the business, but also provide the source power with creating a gourmet food card of "Tangshan weekend" and promoting the development of high quality integration of Tangshan cultural tourism industry.

This activity of “2018 Tangshan South Lake ‘May 1’ Carnival Week” will last for 8 days from April 29 to May 6.