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The Tourism Revenue of “May 1” Holiday in Qian’an achieved 473 Million Yuan 2018-05-04

The holiday of “May 1” in this year, the tourism in Qian'an City continues to prosper. According to the statistics, during the holiday, Qian’an City received a total of 557,000 tourists, realizing the tourism revenue of 473 million yuan and ushering in a new round of tourist peak.

Mountainous tourism attraction has a strong increase in traffic. Before “May 1”, the city’s various scenic spots continued to increase tourism publicity and marketing efforts, making full use of the combination of traditional and new media. The online and offline all-round, three-dimensional publicity, and tourists in key scenic spots showed their strong growth. During the holiday of “May 1", the mountainous scenic areas (spots) such as Qian'an Shanyekou, Baiyangshan, Tasiyu, and Chengshan were extraordinarily popular, whose number of passengers exceeded 400,000.

The model of "Greenway + Scenic Area (Spot) +Village" has become the new favorite. With the help of Greenway Marathon Cross Country Race and Ten Thousand People Trekking Conference, Qian'an actively promoted the integration of “tourism and sports” and effectively enhanced the external publicity and promotion of Qian’an Greenway. This year, the tourism of Greenway in Qian’an has grown significantly compared to previous years. Riding and self-driving tour vehicles are buzzing on winding green roads. The greenway station is filled with tourists who stop and watch the scenery and enjoy the scenery all the way. At the end of the tour, the tourists will go to the nearby beautiful countryside to taste the farmhouse meal and experience the folk customs.

Tourism volunteers become a special scenery in the scenic spot. During the holiday of "May 1", more than 100 tourism volunteers from the city visited the key attractions to provide consultation solutions, road guidance, traffic guidance, recommended routes, safety reminders, help for the elderly, hot and cold water supply, and environmental protection of the scenic spot. The service of kinship and kindness promoted the volunteer service spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress” and demonstrated the vitality of Qian’an’s tourism volunteers.