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The Tourism Market of Tangshan City During the Holiday of "May 1" was Hot 2018-05-07

During the three-day holiday of “May 1”, Tangshan City ushered in a new peak after the Tomb-sweeping Day. The city received a total of 2.75 million tourists, achieving a total tourism income of 2.345 billion yuan, an increase of 51.09% and 31.74% respectively.

During the holiday, a series of tourism and cultural festivals were meticulously organized in various parts of the country. The tourism market presents a hot scene with rich contents, novel forms, and the highly participation of the masses. Simultaneously, “Tangshan Weekend Mantis Shrimp Seafood Festival” was grandly opened on the International Tourism Island, South Lake Scenic Area, Laoting County, Luannan County, Caofeidian District and Fengnan District. Fifty brilliant activities appeared one after another, including happy seafood coverage, passionate electric acoustic show, Moon Goddess parade, song and dance performances, leisure beer festival, funny colorful running of "Running Along Ocean", Mazu temple fair, wetland bird watching, pasture picking, and the activity of Bihai bath parenting. The "Mantis Shrimp Festival" received a total of more than 700,000 visitors.

At the same time, the urban industrial tourism project launched a number of preferential measures. Lubei Forest Music Festival and Tianshan Paper Flower Umbrella and Scarecrow Exhibition, and Letai Backdrop Chinatown Snack Festival attracted many citizens. The projects, such as the competition of Yangge in Luanzhou Ancient City, group dance, bowling wine, sightseeing boat, were favored by tourists. The first Kite Festival was held in Zunhua Shangyuan. Besides, the Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty promoted the exhibition of clean governance culture. Qianxi County also had its good shows, such as praying and having vegetarian fast in the Mount Jingzhong, parenting joy week at the scenic area of Mount Wuhu, making the dense atmosphere of holiday leisure. The rural tourism in Qian’an, Yutian and and Fengrun, and picking fresh fruits and vegetables were welcomed by the market. In addition, travel agencies also launched various promotions for self-driving tours, the elderly health tours, and outbound travel.

During the holiday, the tourism system of Tangshan City conscientiously implemented the arrangements and requirements for the tourism work of holiday, strengthened tourism law enforcement and market supervision, and adhered to 24-hour duty and emergency duty. What’s more, there were no major tourism complaints and travel safety responsibility accidents in the city. The tourism market was stable, orderly and prosperous.