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HBIS Tangsteel Firstly obtained Entry Qualification for EU Pressure-bearing Product Market 2018-05-08

Recently, the cold forming hot-rolled pickling products, produced by HBIS Tangsteel, have passed the certification of LRQA and successfully obtained the certificate of PED, indicating that HBIS Tangsteel has achieved access to the European Union's pressure-bearing market and created favorable conditions for the supply of pressure-equipment manufacturing enterprises in Europe by HBIS Tangsteel.

The full name of the certification of PED is Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certification. It is a mandatory regulation issued by the members of EU on the issue of pressure equipment safety. For equipment with a design pressure of more than 0.5 bar, its pressure and volume must comply with the prescription of PED. All pressure-receiving equipment certified by PED must meet the basic safety requirements of design, permanent connection, non-destructive testing, materials, and quantitative requirements.

HBIS Tangsteel began to prepare PED certification for hot-rolled and pickled products from October 2017. The expert team conducted a comprehensive review of the certified steel product standards, process specifications, raw and auxiliary materials, production and testing equipment, process parameters and physical quality of HBIS Tangsteel, confirming that the products of HBIS Tangsteel meet the directive requirements of its PED certification.