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"Foreign" Students love Singing Pingju 2018-05-09


In order to better carry forward and promote the regional culture of Tangshan, Tangshan Foreign Language School has opened courses of "Chinese Opera" and "Pingju" for foreign students since 2015. Through the study of opera, foreign students learned about Chinese opera forms and their aesthetic spirits. The profoundness of Chinese culture has also impressed these foreign students. Over the past few years, with the development of international exchange programs, the school has spread Chinese culture, especially the culture of traditional Chinese opera, to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, etc. At the same time, Chinese language has also been widely promoted.

Currently, Tangshan Foreign Language School has 9 little foreign students from the program of AFS who come from Italy and Thailand. Since the school hosted the AFS program for Chinese students in 2010 at the first time, it has received 53 foreign students from the United States, Germany, Italy, Russia, Venezuela, Sweden, Thailand, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The school carefully selects volunteer families for overseas students, provides qualified professional teachers and management personnel for them, meticulously arranges Chinese learning courses and rich traditional Chinese cultural experience contents such as fine arts, martial arts, and calligraphy to maximize the dissemination of Chinese culture, and inherits and promotes the regional culture of Tangshan in order to enhance the friendship between China and these nations. Through 10 months of study, these international students can master Chinese in proficiency and pass HSK Chinese proficiency tests at different levels.

Since 2015, the school has opened "Chinese Opera" and "Pingju" courses for international students. Yang Nan, the teacher of the school’s international department as well as the third generation descendant of the new play of Pingju Opera, is currently studying at the Beijing Opera Arts Vocational College and responsible for teaching these foreign children to learn singing Pingju.

Over the past few years, foreign students from Tangshan Foreign Language School have successively been on the stages of “2016 China (Tangshan) World Horticultural Expo” and Beijing Chang’an Grand Theater to show the style of “foreign” students singing Pingju for the audience. They also won Hebei Province’s the 10th "Light of Hebei" Foreign Teacher-Student Chinese Skills and Chinese Talent Competition Best Performance Award. Besides, they participated in programs of CCTV's Singing Opera, Blockbuster, Kyushu Grand Stage and so on. In April of this year, the school, invited by Hebei Provincial Department of Education, participated in the "2018 Teacher-Student International Exchange and Foreign Teachers Introducing New Project School Work Conference" sponsored by China Association for International Exchange, and conducted demonstrations of the opera class teaching.

The picture shows that foreign students are studying singing Flower is a Go-between.