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Bodhi Island welcomed International Bird Watching Group 2018-05-10


In the past few days, a group of 14 people of bird watching from Europe have been carrying their telescopes and cameras and taking photos for birds on the Bodhi Island-Tangshan International Tourism Island. These tourists come from the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland.

The month of May is the peak period for spring birds to migrate. Tangshan International Tourism Island is an important node in the migration of birds to East Asia, as well as an important stopover site for migratory birds and a breeding ground for many summer migratory birds. The excellent ecological environment attracts the arrival of many birds, not only adding to vigor and vitality of the island, but also attracts bird watching enthusiasts from all over the world to gather here and enjoy their bird-watching holiday. According to reports, after the 1989 international famous British wild bird watching group visited the island and observed the birds, they were amazed by the ecological environment and bird resources. Since then, the Bodhi Island has become an important destination for international bird-watching groups to visit in spring in the eastern Hebei.

Over the past few years, Tangshan International Tourism Island has not only paid attention to ecological protection work, but also established wildlife protection areas and conducted closed management to ensure that wildlife has a good living environment. It is known that more than 400 species of wild birds have been discovered on the Bodhi Island, among which the world’s endangered species such as red-crowned cranes, white cranes, hooded cranes, oriental white pelicans, and otsuka have also regarded this area as a resting place for migration. In addition, there are wild cranes and geese that treat here as their wintering ground.