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The First "Tangshan-Antwerp" Sino-European Train arrived in Belgium     2018-05-11

After 16 days of running, the first "Tangshan-Antwerp" Sino-European train arrived in Antwerp, Belgium on May 12. Arnou, director of the International Relations Department of  Antwerp Port Authority, said that this was a milestone in the history of Belgian-Chinese trade relations.

“The arrival of the first 'Tangshan-Antwerp' non-stop Sino-European train means that the Antwerp Port has been included in the map of the 'One Belt and One Road' and it will definitely help strengthen our relationship with China. This is a project which we have made great efforts on. The project is an important milestone in the history of trade relations between Belgium and China", Arnou added.

Guo Jianjun, economic counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, said in his speech that as the second largest port in Europe, Antwerp Port has a very important position in the trade of China-Belgium. Facing new opportunities brought by new technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, Antwerp Port is exploring new development paths and trying to connect with China's "One Belt and One Road". From this point of view, the arrival of the first "Tangshan-Antwerp" Sino-European train has a historical significance and will bring a profound and positive impact on China-Belgium cooperation.

It was reported that the first "Tangshan-Antwerp" Sino-European train started from Jingtang Port Area of Tangshan Port on April 26. It left China from Alashankou Port, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and arrived in Antwerp, Belgium. The whole course was 11,000 kilometers with the train running for 16 days. In this train, 41 containers were shipped, and the types of goods included kaolin, yeast, etc. The future product sources would be steel, building materials, ceramics, furniture, and household appliances.

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