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2018 “Golden Horse Steel and Iron Cup” China Road Cycling League began in Tangshan 2018-05-16

On May 15, the first individual time race of 2018 “Golden Horse Steel and Iron Cup" China Road Cycling League was held in the South Lake Scenic Area. 71 professional athletes from Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Shanghai participated in the competition.

2018 “Golden Horse Steel and Iron Cup” China Road Cycling League Tangshan Station Competition has individual time trial, city round, and road group competition. Among them, 40 men participated in the individual time trial, riding for 40 kilometers while 31 women participated in this competition riding for 20 kilometers. After the fierce competition, Zhang Jingle from Hong Kong team won the men's 40km time trial championship; Liang Hongyu from Heilongjiang team won the women's 20km time trial championship.

China Road Cycling League is sponsored by China Bicycle Association. This year, it will be held in four cities across the country. The first leg race is held in Tangshan, which is the third consecutive year that the city has held a national high-level road cycling race.

This league will last for four days and May15 is the first day. On May 16, the opening ceremony and city round competition will be held in the South Lake Scenic Area. The last two days of May 17 and 18 will be the men's and women's road group competitions in Qianxi County.