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China Road Cycling League opened in Tangshan City 2018-05-17


On the morning of May 16, the 2018 “Golden Horse Steel and Iron Cup” China Road Cycling League (Station 1) held its opening ceremony at Gate 1 of the South Lake Park. Wang Jianguo, secretary general of China Cycling Association, announced the opening of the competition. The following people attended the opening ceremony, including Wang Chun, deputy inspector of Hebei Provincial Bureau of Sports; Bi Kaiai, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress; Cao Quanmin, deputy mayor; and Wang Lianling, vice chairman of the CPPCC. They also horned for the competition.

Quan Juemin, standing member of the Standing Committee of Wuhai Municipal Committee of Inner Mongolia and deputy mayor, and Cui Fa, member of the Standing Committee of Zuoyun County Committee of Shanxi Province and Minister of Publicity respectively led the delegations of Wuhai and Zuoyun to attend the opening ceremony and watched the event.

Wang Chun stated that Tangshan City, as a major and strong sports city in Hebei Province, has taken the lead in Hebei Province on hosting large scale sports events. Bicycles, marathons, beach football, sports expos, and other activities with international and domestic influence have settled and thrived one after another, providing strong support for the high quality development for the sports industry of Hebei in the new era and accelerating the construction of strong sports province of Hebei.

Cao Quanmin said in his speech that in the process of advancing the development of high quality, Tangshan had always attached importance to the development of sports and the growth of sports industry, continuously increased its investment in sports, improved sports facilities, and organized a series of high level sports activities. Events and a variety of national fitness activities had further ignited the passion of urban sports and inspired the vitality of urban development, he added. In recent years, Tangshan has successfully held a series of high level cycling events such as the National Road Cycling Championship Finals and the National Road Cycling Championships, which has led to the popularization and development of cycling. Today, China Road Cycling League has a passionate start and will inject new energy into Tangshan to build a sports, vibrant, and healthy city.

China Road Cycling League is jointly sponsored by China Bicycle Sports Association, Hebei Provincial Bureau of Sports and Tangshan Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Bicycle Sports Management Center of Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, Tangshan Sports Bureau, the People’s Government of Qianxi County, and the People’s Government of Lunan District, and operated by Hebei Express Horse Sports Technology Co., Ltd. The competition started from May 15 to 18 with altogether more than 170 athletes from 17 provinces (cities), autonomous regions of the country and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region participating in the competition. From May15 to 16, individual time trials and city criterium races were held in the downtown South Lake Scenic Area. Then, in the following two days of May 17 and 18, male and female road group competitions were held in Qianxi County.