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Two Giant Pandas of National Treasure will meet with Tangshan Citizens on May 19 2018-05-18

The Giant Panda Hall of Tangshan Zoo will be officially opened on May 19. Then, the giant pandas of “Shuangxi” and “Meibang” will meet with the public. It is reported that these two giant pandas will be lived in the hall of Tangshan for three years.

Giant pandas of “Shuangxi” and “Meibang” come from Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base in Sichuan. On May 8 in 2018, these two giant pandas, escorted by two breeding experts, arrived in Tangshan by plane and settled down at Tangshan Zoo. According to the relative person at Tangshan Zoo, the giant panda of “Shuangxi”, female, was born in Shanghai on August 9, 2011. Her mother whose name is “Dashuang” was born on September 1, 1997. Also, “Shuangxi” has other four siblings, including “Shuang’er”, “Qiqi”, “ Shuangxin” and “Shuanghao”. The giant panda “Meibang”, female, was born on September 13, 2008. Her mother “Liangbang” is the first giant panda born in Japan, and “Meibang” is one of the twins given girth by “Liangbang” in Japan as well as the first pair of the third generation who is bred overseas. This year, “Shuangxi” is 8 years old and “Meibang” is 11 years old, which are equivalent to the young adulthood of human beings. These two national treasures from Chengdu are lively and cute.

According to experts from Chengdu, two pandas have been in good spirits and eating conditions since their date of arrival at the venue. The indoor podium, which is strictly controlled by temperature regulation, has allowed pandas to adapt. The two giant pandas have 250 kilograms of bamboo shoots, 1 kilogram of steamed bread of corn and 0.6 kilogram of apples, and they sleep for 10 to 12 hours a day.

After a period of closed adaptation, the giant pandas of “Shuangxi” and “Meibang” have basically adapted to the environment of Tangshan Zoo and will formally meet with the public on May 19.