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"Porcelain Printing Glow-China Ceramics Printing Creation and Ecological Research Exhibition" to hold in Tangshan 2018-05-22

The National Art Fund Communication Exchange Promotion and Support Project "Porcelain Printing Glow-China Ceramics Printing Creation and Ecological Research Exhibition” has been set to hold in Tangshan City from June 2 to 15.

This project is presided by Beijing Institute of Technology and its Research Institute of Design and Arts and Chinese Porcelain Printing Art Research Center, and supported by Chinese National Academy of Painting, aiming to present the outstanding achievements of contemporary porcelain creation and research. It investigates and discusses the new phenomenon and ecology of the artistic creative aesthetic of porcelain printing art, and explores the cross-border integration and promotion modes of Chinese art of characters and ceramics.

The project consists of "Literature Inspection" and "Works Exhibition". The "Works Exhibition" is divided into two parts of invited works and filling works. The part of “Invited Works” invites the most representative artists who are currently engaged in the creation of ceramics printing. Besides, the part of “Filling Works” has been solicited and selected from all over the country. The exhibition creatively aggregates typical Chinese culture morphemes such as ceramics and characters, seals, etc., and largely extends the world influence of the “Road of Ceramics” in a small way to promote the construction of the “One Belt and One Road”, enhance the Chinese culture’s self-confidence, and well tell the "Chinese stories” in the new era.

The exhibition will be on display from June 2018 and June 2019 in Xining of Qinghai, Hangzhou of Zhejiang, Tianjin, Zhengzhou of Henan, Beijing, etc. The project will include exhibitions, portfolios, documentaries, literature seminars, public welfare lectures, participatory on-site experience, AP digital communication design and implementation of media communication and exchange and other contents. Aiming at the theme of ceramics printing, all aspects of the public display education, entertainment and scientific research and other information and experience services will be provided. The first exhibition is scheduled in Tangshan, which is also a highlight of the city's cultural tourism development. The exhibition will be held at Tangshan Museum.