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Hangu Undertook 122 relocated Enterprises from Beijing and Tianjin 2018-05-23

Recently, Beijing Weisen Shengye Furniture Co., Ltd. has completed its system entry of the company's 20-year operating data in just 7 days. It has obtained a new business license from the Trade and Industry Bureau of Hangu Management District and has successfully moved from Beijing to Hangu. By investigation, since the implementation of the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Hangu Management District has relied on its geographical advantages to actively participate in the development by undertaking a total of 122 relocated enterprises from Beijing and Tianjin with a total investment of 31 billion yuan. So far, 46 projects have been put into production. and 76 projects are under construction.

Since this year, the Tangshan brand of the “four most” with the least number of examination and approval items, the lowest charging standards, the fastest working efficiency, and the best service level has taken root in Hangu as the goal, and has actively provided ideas and ways for the relocated projects that have settled in this area from Beijing and Tianjin. Special cases are dealt with, procedures for handling affairs are greatly simplified, and new improvements are constantly being made in optimizing the service environment. For the enterprises that have moved out of Beijing and Tianjin as a whole, the policy of “landing signing” has been implemented. The original name of the evacuated company can be retained, and only the change of address can be done to settle in Tangshan, which not only simplifies the procedure for handling affairs but also avoids the loss of intangible assets, such as relocation corporate brand market. There is no doubt that this policy has been welcomed by the corporate community.