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CRRC Tangshan Company Took lead in Development of 5th Generation of New Maglev Engineering Prototype Test and succeeded 2018-05-25


On May 23, the fifth generation new maglev engineering prototype, jointly developed by CRRC Tangshan Company, National University of Defense Technology, Beijing Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was operated on the test line of National University of Defense Technology, and the test was successful.

Led by CRRC Tangshan Company, the joint R&D team has undergone 38 years of technical and engineering research and has successively developed four generations of medium and low-speed maglev trains, of which the fourth generation maglev train has been successfully put into trial operation on the line S1 in Beijing. The fifth generation of new maglev train integrates the existing technical characteristics of high-speed and medium-low speed maglev trains, and carries out innovative upgrades of traction and levitation systems. It overcomes the problem of ground high-precision positioning and speed measurement technology for maglev trains and develops key components set in linear motors, such as the center-mounted magnetic levitation bogie, which have achieved a number of technological innovations in terms of modularity, light weight, and integration, and have reached the international advanced level. With a design speed of 160 kilometers per hour, the “long stator permanent magnet linear synchronous traction + permanent magnet electromagnetic hybrid suspension” technology program was first proposed. Compared to the mid-to-low speed maglev train that has been put into operation, the traction efficiency is increased by 10% and the suspended energy consumption is reduced by more than 20%. It is of great significance to promote the development of China's maglev transportation technology.

The fifth generation new maglev train completely owns its independent intellectual property rights, whose key components are completely autonomous, and many technologies have filled the gaps in the country. Its successful development is a model of military-civilian integration and independent innovation, and it is the national "13th Five-Year" advanced track transportation’s phrasal results of the key technology research project of special project magnetic levitation transportation system, which lays an important foundation for the development of the sixth generation of maglev train with the medium-speed of 200km/h.

The new maglev train of the fifth generation produced by CRRC Tangshan Company is suitable for operating among urban agglomerations, central and satellite cities, and various regions within the city. It will provide efficient energy-saving rail transit system program for the urbanization and the “One Belt and One Road” international cooperation for China in the new era.