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11 Major Projects in Lutai were Intensively signed 2018-05-28

On May 24, Lutai Economic Development Zone held the intensive signing activity for its first batch of projects. Deputy Mayor Cao Quanmin attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, a total of 11 projects were signed with a total investment of 3.712 billion yuan, involving equipment manufacturing, auto parts, high-end new materials, and comprehensive urban development, etc. The implementation of these projects has not only injected new impetus into the development of the development zone, but also has important implications for upgrading the industrial level of the zone and accelerating its rise of leap forward.
The characteristics of the intensive signing of these projects are outstanding. First, it links up with Beijing and Tianjin and accelerates up again. During these signing projects, five of them are industrial transfer projects from Beijing and Tianjin, and Lutai has made new breakthroughs by seizing a historic opportunity for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Second, the quality of projects is improved again. Both the scientific research project of new light-guiding materials and the high-end equipment project of the automobile production line cooperate with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and have strong strength and broad prospects. Third, industrial agglomeration drives again. Energy-conservation and environmental protection equipment, automotive production line equipment, and other projects are of good lead, and innovation and growth will further expand the “Siphon Effect” of the industry of Lutai. Fourth, the production is combined with the city and does more creations. The city is prosperous and productive with the help of the production, and the production is aggregated around the city. The research and development of R&F Urban Complex, cultural exhibition hall, education park and other projects help Lutai create the most lively and livable urban area with the utmost atmosphere of modern city.