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Tangshan Port Shanxi Antang Inland Port opened and began to operate 2018-05-29

Two days ago, following the opening and operation of Sarajeong Inland Port of Tangshan Port in Inner Mongolia, Tangshan Port Group officially opened and operated in an inland port of Tangshan Port set in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province on May 25, which was a new milestone of complementary advantages, resource sharing, platform building, and coordinated development among Tangshan City, Xinzhou City and Taiyuan Railway Bureau. Wang Zhidong, member of the Standing Committee of Xinzhou Municipal Committee, and Zhang Huichun, vice chairman of Tangshan CPPCC attended the related activities.

In his speech, Zhang Huichun pointed out that both Tangshan City and Xinzhou City have a convenient transportation and industry integration. These two places are highly relevant and complementary in the fields of integrated logistics platform construction, industrial transformation and upgrading, and their prospects for cooperation are very broad. Tangshan Port Group, as a bridgehead for internationalization in Tangshan City, has established an inland port in Antang, which not only provides a convenient, efficient and cost-saving new channel for shipping logistics in Xinzhou, but also injects new strong kinetic energy for logistics and transformation development in Hebei and Shanxi. The establishment of Tangshan Port Antang (Shanmei International) inland port not only provides a convenient, efficient and cost-saving new channel for shipping logistics in Xinzhou, but also injects new and powerful forces for the transformation and development of the logistics industry in Hebei, Shanxi, and Tangshan.

In his speech, Wang Zhidong said that the opening of the inland port of Antang had marked a new beginning of the cooperation among Tangshan, Xinzhou and Kelanxin. It could fully play a role as a node in the exit of east and connection in the west of  Xinzhou, promot the chain development of foreign trade industry to the hilt, and will promote far-reaching significance and influence for the people of Tangshan and Xinzhou in political, economic and cultural fields.

According to the introduction by Zhang Zhihui, general manager of Tangshan Port Industry Group Co., Ltd., Tangshan Port cooperated with Shanmei International Energy Group and these two parties took advantage of each other's strengths and achieved fruitful results by using Antang Yard Station as a base to vigorously carry out the container train transportation of “Jingtang Port Antang”. The establishment of this inland port will create a convenient and efficient logistics platform and a sea passage for Shanxi and even the northwestern region.