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Caofeidian was awarded “Hometown of Chinese Puffer Fish (Red Fins)” 2018-06-08

On May 28, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance issued a document granting the honorary title of the “Town of Chinese Puffer Fish (Red Fins)” for Caofeidian District.

Recently, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance organized experts to appraise the naming of the “Hometown of Chinese Puffer fish (Red Fins)” declared by Caofeidian District. After consultation and discussion, the expert group unanimously held that the puffer fish (oriental beak with red fins) of Caofeidian District corresponded with the requirements of “Hometown of Chinese Puffer Fish (Oriental Beak with Red Fins)” from China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance, which has obvious advantages in industrial resources and location, leading industrial scale across the country, prominent brand efficiency, great importance attached by the government, and strong scientific and technological support.

Caofeidian District has a total length of 80 kilometers along the coast line. It has a wide range of tidal flats, diverse food types, and abundant geothermal resources. In the region, 3 million puffer fish krill are cultivated every year. The area for nurturing puffer fish is 9 square kilometers The annual output is about 1,000 tons. Furthermore, its annual output is 200 million yuan. The annual output value of the upstream and downstream industrial chain is 500 million yuan. It is main production area for winter earth pond breeding and wintering seed production, whose earthen ponds account for more than 90% of the country's total aquaculture production, fish krill production accounts for more than 60% of the country's total amount, and farming area and production are ranked first across the country. At present, there are 3 fishery bases, 1 puffer fish processing company, and 4 export food (puffer fish) production enterprises. In the creation of the brand, the company has achieved a remarkable success. It has created brands of “Caofeidian Puffer Fish” and “Tianzheng Puffer Fish”, among which, Caofeidian Puffer Fish won the honor of the National Geographical Indication Certification Trade Mark and the most Popular Public Goods Brand of Chinese Agricultural Products.