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5.3 Square Kilometers of Fragrant White Apricots in Zunhua attracted Friends from Everywhere 2018-06-12

On June 10, as part of the tourism brand of “Tangshan Weekend”, the opening ceremony of “Given Apricots from Goddess” Picking Festival and the South Mountain Changle Valley Scenic Spot was grandly held. More than 10,000 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourists came to the country of Goddess in Zunhua to enjoy the comfort of mountainous pasture in the sea of green.

The country of Goddess, whose planting area of fragrant white apricots reaches 5.3 square kilometers, lies in the south of Zunhua. Besides, its annual output exceeds 3 million kilograms. What’s more, it is named as the “Hometown of Fragrant White Apricots” by Hebei Provincial Government.

As one of the important contents of “Tangshan Weekend” series of activities, a 10-day picking festival with the theme of “Casual South Mountain and ‘Apricots’ for You” is specially created for the enjoyment of the leisurely life of the surrounding big cities such as Beijing and Tianjin.

As a key tourism project, Changle Valley Scenic Area in Zunhua, is located in Mountain Lunan Village, Goddess Country. It has a total investment of 2 billion yuan and is constructed in three phases. It mainly includes the following categories of areas, including agricultural experience area, mountainous tourism area, water activity area, ecological conservation area, etc. This project is one of Zunhua's “Back to the Nest” projects. For example,  Wang Fuqing, a native of Mountain Lunan Village, has been working hard for many years outside and returned to his hometown after becoming rich to invest in this leisure tourism project. At present, activities such as 438-meter zip-line and 300-meter jungle crossing of the first phase of the project have been completed. Besides, 1.5 kilometers of sightseeing trains and 335 meters of water-skiing and other projects are being stepped up. The formal opening of Changle Valley Scenic Area  in the South Mountain fills the gaps in the tourism projects in the southern part of Zunhua, and perfects the layout for Zunhua’s creation of a national tourism demonstration area, and therefore adds new momentum.