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Investment of 10.7 Billion Yuan to build 16 Special Railway Lines for Steel Enterprises 2018-06-15

Last year, after the Ministry of Ecology and Environment banned the port of Bohai Sea from transporting coal into the port. By the end of September this year, the coal harbors of Shandong and the Yangtze River Delta region will be transported by railway. By the end of September in 2019, the bulk cargoes such as ore, coal and coke from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and its neighboring, and the coastal ports of the Yangtze River Delta will be changed to rail transportation.

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Tangshan City announced the progress development of the marine economy and the port industry in May. The situation shows that Tangshan City accelerated the construction of its special railway lines for iron and steel enterprises. First, the city planed to complete the transformation of the existed five steel companies' special lines and build six new special lines for iron and steel enterprises; in 2019, the new railway lines for 10 iron and steel enterprises will be newly established to basically realize the entire railroad transportation of the ore. Second, the city organized relevant departments to China Railway Corporation and the Beijing Railway Bureau to run and connect with each other and strive for their support. Third, it planned to build 16 special railway lines for iron and steel enterprises with a total investment of approximately 10.7 billion yuan. The capital required for the project is approximately 2.56 billion yuan. Passed by the municipal government's executive meeting, the municipal government financed 600 million yuan to establish a railway special line construction fund, and the Tangshan New City Construction Group took the lead to form a special railway line project company, which is accelerating in operation.