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First Enterprise of EU settled in Hangu 2018-06-19

Recently, Germany Venx Exhibition Facility Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with Hangu Management District to settle in the Park. This is the first an enterprise of EU was invested to settle in Hangu.

The total investment of the project is 8 million Euros. It mainly produces professional exhibition props, showcases and related supporting exhibition facilities. The first phase of the project's registered capital of 600,000 Euros has been put in place on the date of signing. The Venx Company of Germany has always been committed to provide customers with efficient, high-quality exhibition planning and booth production, which is among the top ten in the German booth production industry.

For a long time, Hangu Management District has been firmly striving for the development of industrially-promoting districts. It has used industrial clusters to guide investment promotion work, and has given full play to investment promotion methods such as precision investment promotion, business investment promotion and industry association investment promotion, and has formed certain cluster effects and economies of scale.