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Tangshan City received 1.83 Million Tourists During the Dragon Boat Festival 2018-06-20

During the Dragon Boat Festival, all scenic spots in the city have elaborately organized a series of tourism and cultural festivals. A total of 1,831,100 tourists were received and the total tourism revenue reached 1.662 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.41% and 54.2% respectively.

In the northern region, the 10th Chestnut Flower Festival and the 5th Chestnut Mushroom Picking Festival at Xifeng Xiongguan Dadao Scenic Spot, Mountain Jingzhongshan Ascending and Wormwood Picking Activity and Mountain Wuhushan “Crazy Daddy” Parent-Child Tour continued to trigger small upsurges in the market. At the scenic spot of the Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, an activity of “Sending Fragrant Reading Atmosphere on the Dragon Boat Festival” was held and the entrance ticket for students who had attended the college entrance examination was fifty percent off; Zunhua International Lighting Festival, Runway Show, Nationality Characteristic Exhibition and Cool Lights were performed in turns; Qian’an Yalong Bay Agricultural Park held an activity of “Showing Love for Father” which combined the Father’s Day and the Dragon Boat Festival, launching the Dragon Boat Sachet DIY, happy dragon boat race, songs for father, ticket discounts were welcomed by tourists; and Shanyekou scenic area, Chengshan scenic area, Tasiyu scenic area also held colorful activities of Dragon Boat Festival and attracted many tourists.

In the central region, Lubai District Tangshan Letai Center held a large-scale auto show, entertainment, retail, and more than 100 restaurant brands gave back to the public; Fengnan Canal Chinatown "Tangshan Weekend Fengnan Budweiser International Beer Festival"; and Luanzhou Ancient City’s series activities of Dragon Boat Festival highlighted the vitality of the market.

In the southern region, Tangshan International Tourism Island hosted the 5th Dragon Boat Festival Prayer Meeting. Moon Island Bell prayed for the release of the river lights. Visitors took part in themed events such as making zongzi, which added lots of fun to the island tourism.

At the same time, the picking of seasonal fruits such as cherries and apricots in Zunhua, Qianxi, Fengrun, and Yutian counties was also pretty popular.

During the holiday, the city’s tourism system conscientiously implemented the arrangements and requirements for holiday travel work, strengthened tourism law enforcement and market supervision, adhered to 24-hour and emergency duty, and there were no major tourism complaints and travel safety responsibility accidents in the city. The tourism market was stable, orderly and prosperous.