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Tangshan Stop of Hebei Ten-mile Super League was held in South Lake Park 2018-06-25

On June 24, the 10km Super League of the 15th Hebei Provincial Sports Meeting Mass Sports Group and Hebei 10-mile Super League at Tangshan stop started. A total of 2,000 runners from all over the country ran around the South Lake Eco-tourism area and experienced its unique scenery.

Tangshan Stop is the fourth leg of 2018 Hebei 10km Super League. In the end, Zhang Songlin won the men's 10-kilometer cross country championship with 33 minutes and 6 seconds. Zhu Xiaolin won the women's 10-kilometer cross country championship with 37 minutes and 48 seconds. In order to encourage citizens to actively participate in sports, the top 100 players who obtained this 10km project will be rewarded with the opportunity to win the annual ranking grand prize.

This event is sponsored by the provincial government of Hebei, organized by Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, and managed by the Athletics Management Center of Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, Tangshan Sports Bureau, and Tangshan Horticultural Investment Development Co., Ltd.