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Throughput of Sannvhe Airport achieved “Double Over Half 2018-06-26

It was learned from Tangshan Municipal Transportation Bureau that up to June 20, Tangshan Sannvhe Airport had completed a total passenger throughput of 302,400 this year, accounting for 55% of the annual plan; cargo and mail throughput was 2,474.5 tons, accounting for 70.7% of the annual plan, realizing a “double over half” of task and time.

At present, Tangshan Airport operates a total of 7 routes, reaching 12 cities, namely, Tangshan-Shanghai, Tangshan-Sanming-Guangzhou, Xi'an-Tangshan-Harbin, Haikou-Tangshan-Shenyang, Chongqing-Tangshan-Dalian, Hohhot-Tangshan-Hangzhou, and Guilin-Tangshan-Dalian.

Since 2018, Tangshan Sannvhe Airport has been aiming at “spurring 550,000 in full force” and continuously improving its route network. After the season change at the end of March, in order to increase the cost performance of the flying route, five routes were suspended, including Changsha-Tangshan-Dalian, Sanya-Tangshan-Changchun, Haikou-Tangshan-Changchun, Xiamen-Tangshan-Harbin, and Chengdu-Tangshan-Harbin. What’s more, two routes were added, including Guilin-Tangshan-Dalian and Hangzhou-Tangshan-Hohhot. In order to increase the passenger load factor, the airport has continued to strengthen cooperation with travel agencies, airlines, and related departments of the navigation city. It has adopted a variety of forms to attract customers and strives to achieve an annual passenger load factor of more than 85%.