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Ping Opera Call Mom Out was performed in Beijing 2018-06-27

A few days ago, Tangshan Performing Arts Group's drama Call Mom Out was selected as the only song recommended by Hebei and participated in “2018 National Grassroots Art Troupe”, organized by the General Office of the Central Publicity Department and the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which was successfully performed in Beijing Mei Lanfang Grand Theater.

Call Mom Out is based on the real people of Tangshan Earthquake. The story spans 40 years and reflects the gratitude, tenacity, kindness, and love of an ordinary stepmother in the reconstructed family after the earthquake. It also shows the rebirth of the city and its reform and development.

The play was all performed by Tangshan people and performed in Tangshan dialects, which fully demonstrated the spirit of earthquake resistance and human feelings in Tangshan. Li Xiufeng, the protagonist of the play, is played by Luo Huiqin, a national first-level performer and winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award. Speaking of the role of Li Xiufeng, Luo Huiqin said,“This character has been up and down, and it has been very hard for a character to perform. It is because the emotions poured are too deep that only by investing in it yourself, can you be touched and then you can the others can be moved.”

The play is highly ideological, artistic, and ornamental. It is a rare “tear-trick” drama on the opera stage in recent years. On the night of the performance, the seats of Beijing Mei Lanfang Grand Theater were all occupied. The wonderful performance of the actors continuously won applause from the audience.