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Tangshan Port Hohhot (Jinfengyuan) Inland Port unveiled the Nameplate 2018-07-02

On the morning of June 29, the unveiling ceremony of the inland port of Hohhot in Tangshan Port was held in Hohhot. Wei Wenzhong, deputy director of Tangshan Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress, delivered a speech with Liu Min, deputy director of the People's Congress of Hohhot Municipal Standing Committee, and unveiled the nameplate of Hohhot (Jinfengyuan), the inland port of Tangshan Port.

Wei Wenzhong said that Hohhot City was the capital and political, economic and cultural center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as well as a national historical and cultural city, located at the three strategic intersections of the Bohai Economic Circle, the Western Development, and the revitalization of the old industrial bases in the Northeast. Besides, it is an important bridge in the economic zone. Both Tangshan and Hohhot were important node cities in the national “One Belt One Road Initiative”. As the completion of Mongolia-Hebei Railway, the traffic between these two places was more convenient, and economic cooperation was more frequent. Then, Tangshan City would become an important“window”for its development in economic outward direction. By contrast, Hohhot would also become a new hinterland of Tangshan's economic development. The establishment of Hohhot (Jinfengyuan) Inland Port Tangshan Port  would further stimulate the bilateral economic and trade exchanges, set up a new bridge for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and jointly write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win results.

Yang Wenping, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, introduced that the opening operation of the inland port of Hohhot marked the basic completion of the city's layout framework for inland ports in Inner Mongolia. The next step would continue to increase the intensification of inland port work in accordance with the deployment requirements of the “ten key tasks”.

Hohhot City and related departments of the city, Tangshan Port Group, responsible comrades of related logistics companies in the two places participated in the event.