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High-level Talents at Home and Abroad contributed to Transform and Upgrade of Fengnan 2018-07-04

Recently, Tangshan Municipal People's and Social Security Bureau held the activity of “Fengnan Tour of High-level Talents at Home and Abroad” in Fengnan, and invited 10 high-end talents at home and abroad to connect with 27 enterprises and institutions in Fengnan District. This activity played an important role in transformation and upgrading, environmental protection and management, and agricultural technology innovation.

After the negotiation, six projects were signed on-site, namely, Tangshan Ruifeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Professor Zeng Junfang from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Cang Daqiang from the School of Metallurgy and Ecology, Beijing University of Science and Technology; Tangshan Haisen Electronics Co., Ltd. and Professor Wang Guofeng from Tianjin University Machinery of the School of Engineering; Tangshan Zhengyuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. and Professor Wang Guofeng of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University; and Hebei Junye Technology Co., Ltd. and Professor Lin Fuhong of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering of Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Zou Wei, from the School of Materials, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

The event is a practice to implement the plan of “Phoenix Talents” of Tangshan city and an initiative to optimize the ecological environment of talents. Through the activity, it will effectively solve the problems in Fengnan District in the process of absorbing the transfer of Beijing-Tianjin industry, upgrading and reforming traditional industries and optimizing the economic structure. At the same time, it has boosted the universities in Beijing and Tianjin and research institutes to transform their most practical and cutting-edge advanced technologies and scientific and technological achievements in Tangshan.