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Zhongguancun and Tangshan Human Resources Development Summit Forum was Successfully held 2018-07-17

Recently, “Zhongguancun and Tangshan Human Resources Development Summit Forum”, hosted by Tangshan Municipal People's Social Security Bureau was held in Tangshan City. At the forum, experts from Zhongguancun jointly discussed the innovation and reform of human resources management, which provided a useful reference for the enterprises in our city to improve the level of human resources management.

The forum was based on the theme of “coordinated development of regional economy and human resources under the new situation”. The activity was carried out through the sharing of speakers' theme, and the human resources management elites from 142 organizations of Tangshan City participated in the forum. The experts who participated in the forum interpreted the frontier trends and innovative ideas of human resources development from the perspectives of corporate culture, salary system, personnel training, and business management. At the same time, combined with examples, they inspired the guests to use innovative thinking to enhance their practical experience.

During the forum, the experts also combined with Tangshan's actual situation to conduct in-depth exchanges with the human resources practitioners, provided advice and suggestions for the development of human resources industry, and put forward specific and feasible opinions and suggestions for the development of human resources in Tangshan City.