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Tangshan Young Pianist Kang Tianduo played Nostalgia Songs 2018-07-18

Recently, the 2018 National Tour Tangshan Station-the sound of “Yingchang and Weibo” piano concert press conference was held in the multi-functional hall of Tangshan Baoli Theatre. Kang Tianduo, a Tangshan-born American pianist, accompanied by his enlightenment tutor, Dong Xuan to the site to exchange music with many piano enthusiasts and their fans.

Kang Tianduo was born into a family of music in 1997. He studied the piano with his mother during his childhood and showed his good musical talent. He was taught by Professor Wang Qiu. At the age of 13, he was admitted to the Chinese Conservatory of Music and taught by Professor Dong Xuan. Along his way, his music has won numerous praises and was admitted to the Manhattan Conservatory of Music in 2015 with excellent results. Every year, he uses his actual actions to prove his strength and take every step steadily.

In 2018, Kang Tianduo opened 12 national tours, playing music with the keys in his hands. The site of concert had no empty seat and it was hard to get a ticket. In view of his extraordinary achievements in the field of piano, Yingchang Musical Instruments (China) Co., Ltd. specially hired him as a signing player for HDC Yingchang Piano.

On August 30, Kang Tianduo’s national tour Tangshan Station concert will be held at Tangshan Baoli Theatre. This is the last stop of Kang Tianduo's national tour. On the stage of his hometown, Kang Tianyi will join hands with his teacher Dong Xuan, commanding the eight grand pianos to perform together. The cast will be a luxurious cast, and more famous musicians will be there. Combining classical music with modern music, it is the first of its kind played in Tangshan.