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Home Appliance Board and Auto Steel of HBIS Tangshan Company achieved Good Result in the First Half of 2018 2018-07-19

On July 16, employees of HBIS Tangshan Company Logistics Branch in the high-strength automobile board warehouse area are organizing the distribution of home appliance products for customers.

The company focuses on two major tasks of “product and customer structure adjustment” and “market and product”, concentrating on customer needs, strictly implementing quality system certification standards, meeting customer “door-to-door” logistics service needs, and optimizing waterway inter-modal transportation, such as port collection, road and rail transportation, and other dispatching organizations to improve logistics support capabilities. In the first half of 2018, the company's high-powered auto panel storage area organized a total of 135,800 tons of home appliance panels and automotive steel, an increase of 59% on year-on-year basis.