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Tangshan Robot Industry Research Institute was Signed 2018-08-02

 On July 30, the signing activity of Tangshan Robot Industry Research Institute was held at South Lake Purple Swan Hotel in Tangshan. Mayor Ding Xiufeng attended the signing event and delivered a speech. Besides, the following attended the signing event, they are: Sun Guishi, member of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, Caofeidian District Party Secretary, vice mayor Liang Zhenjiang, Wang Jiuzong, deputy group leader of Tangshan Municipal Railway Construction Leading Group, Zhang Wenming, Tangshan Municipal Government Secretary and Gan Zhongxue, dean of Fudan University Intelligent Robot Research Institute.

In his speech, Ding Xiufeng pointed out that the successful signing of Tangshan Robot Industry Research Institute is not only the specific practice of the incumbent General Secretary Ping Ping’s “three efforts to build” important instructions, but also an important measure to promote the transformation and upgrading of Tangshan industry and high-quality development. The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry had injected new strong momentum. He sincerely hoped that Dr. Gan Zhongxue and Fudan University Innovation Team would use the newly established Tangshan Robot Industry Research Institute as a platform to attract more talents and enterprises to Tangshan, a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote more new technologies and products to be developed and hatched in Tangshan. Besides, he hoped that it would let the flower of cooperation produce fruitful results as soon as possible. Tangshan Municipal Government would continue to optimize the “four foremost” business environment, deepen cooperation with the Robot Industry Research Institute, and build a national first-class robot industry base to provide new engines and support for Tangshan to accelerate high-quality development and realize “three efforts to build”. 

Gan Zhongxue said in his speech that the robot would become the intelligent terminal of the next industrial revolution, and the mobile internet of things would be a new platform for the development of the internet. The development of robots and mobile internet of things in Caofeidian had a good foundation. The development of logistics robots and the internet of things would become an emerging industry of Caofeidian. Big data and artificial intelligence would enable Caofeidian enterprises to enter data, network and intelligence from the beginning of automation. By then, Caofeidian’s GDP and fiscal revenue would be increased up to seven times as large as these days. He hoped that Tangshan Robot Industry Research Institute would play a role in providing tangible help to Caofeidian and Tangshan people. He also recommended a book, Life 3.0, hoping that more people would feel the power of industrial change.
At the signing ceremony, representatives of Zhejiang Youren, Cao Development, Tangshan Baichuan and Jinyu Jidong also signed a cooperation agreement on the joint establishment of Tangshan Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd.