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First Robot Research and Development Center of Hebei Province was Established in High-tech Zone 2018-08-02

 Recently, the first robot research and development center of Hebei Province, which integrates robots, technological breakthroughs and industrial upgrading, was established in High-tech Zone.

It is reported that the center is centered on Robotics Department of Baichuan Industrial Research Institute, covering an area of 1,350 square meters. It integrates R&D resources such as Dachuang Technology, Xinhe Intelligence, Liantuo Vision, Slomicike and Kunyi Technology, and gathers robots’ more than 70 innovative talents in the fields of structure and control, bio-bionics, disaster relief, orbit detection, visual identification, and electromagnetic heat dissipation. The center has public research and development facilities such as robot public laboratory and conference discussion room. The main research fields include environment sensing system, robot offline simulation design, control system algorithm, power system development, robot vision system, systems integration, innovative robot system architecture, etc. It researches and develops simultaneously with the international frontier, while adhering to standardization, focusing on innovation and applying for patent protection, and the research and development results are at the leading position both at home and abroad.