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“2018 Overseas Talents Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ventures (Tangshan)” was Successfully Held 2018-08-03

On July 31, “2018 Overseas Talents Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ventures”was held in Tangshan City. There are 30 overseas high-end talents gathering in Tangshan and communicating with 150 intelligent companies of Tangshan City, such as Tangshan Huizhong Instrument Co., Ltd. and CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Company, etc, and seven projects were signed on-site.

The event was hosted by Hebei Provincial People's Social Welfare Department, Tangshan Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, Tangshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, and Tangshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park. The aim was to leverage the technological advantages of overseas high-end talents and focus on the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The company's independent innovation capability and high-tech industrial projects were accelerated.
The activities included a launching ceremony, a project roadshow and docking signing, visits and inspections, and overseas talents to go deep into enterprises. The event invited 30 overseas high-end talents who brought technological projects to Tangshan, namely, Li Hua, a doctor of computer from University of Iowa and the first batch of experts of National “Thousand Talents Program”; Qu Zhaosong,, a doctor of Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland and an expert of national “Thousand Talents Program”; Song Zhibin, a doctor of Intelligent Mechanical System of National University of Kagawa, Japan; Dr. Jin Xin, from Water Conservancy of University of North Carolina; and Dr. Hu Yuzhi, from Tokyo University of Commerce and Merchants in Japan. The project involved artificial intelligence, robotics, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, and electronics involving research fields such as communications, chemicals, and new media communications. At the meeting, “Industrial Robotic Arm Collision Avoidance and Machine Vision” “Lithium Ion Kinetic Energy Battery Key Cathode Material” “Graphic Image Intelligent Analysis” and other 8 high-tech projects in line with the industrial development direction of Hebei were introduced. Overseas talents and 150 companies conducted on-site negotiation and communication, and 7 projects were signed on-site. Among them, the management committee of the High-tech Development Zone of our city “flexibly” introduced and signed two experts of Li Hua and Qu Zhaosong from the national “Thousand Talents Program”. Tangshan International Student Pioneer Park and Lu Xin, CEO of Sinch Cloud Communications, and Cui Xinyue, General Manager of Beijing Xifeng Culture Media Co., Ltd. signed an incubation agreement on the following two projects of “Internet of Things” and “Industrial Design and Cultural Creativity”. 
Tangshan Dachuang Technology Co., Ltd. and Xu Dawei, General Manager of Seattle Evergreen International Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on “blockchain application and technology development” project. Hebei Yunxuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongyiyun (Internet of Things) Technology Co., Ltd. respectively signed cooperation agreements on “Big Data Cleaning and Processing Technology” and “Cloud Computing-based Big Data Platform” project with Niu Dali, vice president of the US JPMorgan Chase Bank.
During the event, relevant personnel from overseas talents and foreign students’ entrepreneurial parks also visited and inspected the software park of Tangshan High-tech Development Zone, the professional incubator of robot industry and the foreign student enterprise, and visited the intentional cooperation enterprises to conduct on-the-spot investigation and in-depth negotiation.