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“Tangshan Steel” Helped Build More Than 80 Key Projects at Home and Abroad 2018-08-06

In the first half of 2018, HBIS Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. adhered to the “product” and “market” as the center, seamlessly docking customers, high-quality plates to supply more than 80 key projects at home and abroad, whose product quality, performance and service level had been widely praised in the industry.

The company has fully utilized the integration advantages of production, sales and research to continuously improve product quality and service level. They set up sales specialists for high-end customers and track contract orders throughout the process. According to customer requirements, the company optimized the production organization mode, coordinated the production line production, and took advantage of the logistics and transportation advantages of the port, and coordinated the production and delivery of the products for key projects to ensure the quality, quantity and delivery of the project orders.
From January to June, the company supplied products for key domestic projects such as Shanghai Hyundai Motor Plant, Nanjing Civic Center, and Global Center. It also supplied a number of foreign key projects such as Jordan Power Plant, Dubai Metro, and Qingshan, Indonesia. The company’s production was up to 178,500 tons, whose excellent product quality was well-known at home and abroad.