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The 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference to Start Soon 2018-08-05

 On August 2, at the opening of the 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference, Caofeidian District, the main venue of the conference, held a press conference to introduce relevant preparations.

The 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference will be held in Caofeidian District and Tangshan International Tourism Island from August 6 to 8 with the theme of “New Wetland Ecology and New Island Life”. The opening ceremony will be held on August 6 in Caofeidian District. The conference will invite leaders from relevant departments of the province, representatives of some tourism cooperative cities (districts) in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Mongolia and Henan, representatives of inland ports in Tangshan Port, domestic famous tourism experts and scholars, travel agencies, OTA platforms, tourism investors, resource providers, domestic mainstream media reporters and more than 500 people gathered in the beautiful Tangshan beach.
As an important place for the current brigade conference, Caofeidian used the publicity slogan of “Tangshan Weekend, Gulf Wetland”, focusing on ecological wetlands, recreational fisheries, coastal seas, rural areas and new forms of research and tourism, focusing on the creation of Doma Paradise and Huiju Coastal Wetland Kangyang Town, Caofei Lake Tourism Resort, Gulf Wetland International Resort Town, China Yansheng Botanical Garden, Tangshan Institute of Industrial Technology, Intelligent Research Base, Caofeidian Visitor Service Center and other projects. Experts from all walks of life and leading figures in the tourism industry will personally experience the beautiful Caofeidian, and will help the Tangshan tourism consultation and help build the brand of coastal tourism city.
Up to now, the total investment in infrastructure projects and infrastructure in Caofeidian District has reached 7 billion yuan, and the accumulated tourism investment in the first half of this year reached 1 billion yuan.
It was reported that at the opening ceremony of Brigade Conference on August 6, the guests from all walks of life could also enjoy a wonderful performance with marine elements and Caofeidian characteristics in the Golden Hall of Bohai International Convention Center. The projects observed during the conference also had their own characteristics, including Caofeidian wetland scenery (including Wetland Park Club, Gulf Wetland International Resort Town, Farm No.7 Provincial Boutique Tourism Village), Caofei Lake Scenic Area, and Huiju Cultural and Creative Industry Park. Caofeidian District Visitor Center, Duoma Park, China Yansheng Botanical Garden (Tianxu Hot Spring), and Industrial Vocational and Technical College Research Tour Base would provide visitors with a leisure vacation.
During the conference, Caofeidian will also organize three exhibitions with the themes of yacht car theme exhibition, the cultural creation and tourism products exhibition, and Caofeidian agricultural product exhibition, and organized the cycling tour and parent-child hiking around the Caofei Lake, and Duoma Paradise Beach, Caofeidian seafood food tasting, local opera performances and many other cultural activities.