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Beijing Investment Promotion Conference of Beijing HeBei Caofeidian Collaborative Development Demonstration Zone Achieved Fruitful Results 2018-08-08

On August 2, the investment promotion conference of Beijing HeBei Caofeidian Collaborative Development Demonstration Zone was held at Liangmahe Hotel Conference Center in Beijing. At the meeting, a total of 16 projects were signed, with the total investment of 32.948 billion yuan.

The signed projects involved trade and logistics, processing and manufacturing, new generation information technology and big data industry and comprehensive projects, including COFCO Caofeidian Sugar Co., Ltd., which invested RMB 1 billion in COFCO Caofeidian sugar storage and logistics construction project. Beijing Jingliang Logistics Co., Ltd. invested 400 million yuan in Jingliang Logistics Caofeidian Comprehensive Insurance Zone import and export cold chain logistics project, Zhongneng International Petrochemical Co., Ltd. invested 3.5 billion LNG container production base project, Shougang Construction Group invested 218 million yuan. Caofeidian equipment manufacturing and processing base construction project was equivalent to the formal signing of the meeting, and the next step would be implemented.
Since July 2014, two places signed “Framework Agreement for the Joint Construction of Caofeidian Synergy Development Demonstration Zone”, Caofeidian has signed a total of 278 Beijing projects with a total investment of 395 billion yuan. China Minmetals, Sinopec, Beijing Jinluo, and a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, such as Holding, Beijing Jingmei and Beijing Urban Construction Heavy Industry, have successively settled down, and become the new space for Beijing's function, the centralized carrying place for the transfer of factors, the strategic choice for project layout, which will play a key role in the better development for Tangshan. It will undertake Beijing’s industrial transfer and non-capital function relief, lay a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.
As a collaborative development demonstration zone jointly established by Beijing and Hebei, Caofeidian is responsible for the major national strategy. It is the first of four strategic cooperation platforms for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It is also the key to creating a new growth pole in Hebei and the “one port and two cities” in Tangshan. The core bearing area of the strategic layout, with its unique location, port, resources, policies and other superposition advantages, has become increasingly prominent in the strategic layout of the state and provinces and cities.