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The 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference was Opened 2018-08-08

 Travel in the heroic city and enjoy the beauty of Tangshan. On August 6, the second session of Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference with the theme of “New Wetland Ecology and New Island Life” was grandly opened in Caofeidian, the beautiful seaside of Tangshan.

Guo Yanhong, director of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress, announced the opening of the second Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference. Cao Zhengping, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, delivered a speech. Wang Lixiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei Provincial Department of Culture, attended the meeting. Zhai Yuhu, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Tourism Commission, delivered his speech. The following people attended the meeting: Yang Jie, member of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity; Sun Guishi, Tangshan Municipal Committee member of the Standing Committee and Caofeidian District Party Committee; Gao Ruihua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress; Zhang Huichun, vice chairman of the CPPCC; and Cui Han, member of Tangshan municipal government party group. The opening ceremony was hosted by Yang Jie.
At the opening ceremony, Cui Han introduced the tourism resources of the city; China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association and Hebei Provincial Tourism Committee respectively awarded the “Hometown of Chinese Pufferfish” in Caofeidian District and Tangshan International Tourism Island “Hebei Provincial Tourism Resort”.
The conference was hosted by Tangshan Municipal People's Government, jointly organized by Tangshan Tourism Bureau, the Caofeidian District People's Government, and Tangshan International Tourism Island Management Committee. The overall slogan is “Tangshan Weekend, Beautiful Ocean”. The conference will focus on the core resources of “wetland and island”, accelerate the promotion of a number of new business core projects, further improve the public services in the coastal area, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Tangshan coastal tourism, and create a new bright spot for Hebei coastal tourism. The conference consists of the opening ceremony, theatrical performances, project observations, expert forums, and industry promotion conferences, which will last until August 8. Besides, the conference will hold Caofeidian Culture and Art Festival, Wetland Outdoor Sports Festival, Moon Island Ocean Music Festival, Tangshan International Tourism Island's first International Beer Festival, and the sailing competition.
More than 370 people participated in the event, they are representatives from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Mongolia, Shandong and Henan tourism cooperative cities (districts); representatives of Tangshan Port inland port cities, well-known domestic tourism experts, travel agencies, OTA platforms, tourism investors, news media reporters and the city, responsible people in charge of the tourism county (city, district) government.