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Hans Kund House Museum to Open Soon 2018-08-10

 These days, the heavy rain smashed the plants around Hans Kund House Museum, and Hans Villas in the green trees are more simple and elegant. This is the place where the old Tangshan people remember Tangshan Ceramics Factory, which was filled with smoke. However, it is a fresh, quiet and pleasant paradise now!

Hans Kunde was the chief technician of Qixin Cement Co., Ltd. In 1900, he was hired by the famous office of Kaiping Mining Bureau and famous businessman Zhou Xuexi to Tangshan until his death in 1936. He influenced the cement ceramic industry in Tangshan and even the whole China. Hans Kund House Museum is located in the south side of Jinyu Yuefu Community, North New East Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City. The original Tangshan Ceramic Factory on the north side of the planned road is the Hans Villa (Tangshan Cultural Relics Protection Unit) after the renovation. According to the requirements of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Tangshan Municipal Government on promoting the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry in 2018, Tangshan Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. gave full play to the advantages of Tangshan industrial culture and tourism resources, applied market concepts and industrial thinking, and insisted on development and protection. Using Hans Villa to rebuild the museum, through exhibiting Hans Kunde and his family’s history and character deeds, Tangshan City aims to spread Tangshan’s industrial culture, enrich the industrial tourism connotation, and show Tangshan’s open and inclusive urban characteristics. After the opening, visitors can visit it for free.
Hans Kund House Museum covers an area of approximately 3.20 acres. The overall planning of the museum is designed as ”one square and two zones”. The “one area” is the theme landscape plaza. Based on the advantages of the existing garden space layout, the original function of original garden landscape is upgraded to provide a leisure place for the public. “Two zones” is a museum display area and experience service area, including Hans Villa, Danish Cabin, Old Tangtao Office Building, Sunshine Glass Room, and Urban Residence.
Although Hans Kund House Museum has not been officially opened yet, the exhibition in the pavilion has been completed, especially the beautiful external environment has already benefited from the surrounding people. Many citizens applauded the Hans Villa for Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Tangshan Municipal Government and Tangshan Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. Yang Duolin, a citizen of Tangshan also wrote a poem, saying “... come here to have leisure and entertainment, comfortable and clean seats as well...people applaud for you, beautiful Tangshan to realize her dream.”