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The 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference Achieved Fruitful Results 2018-08-10

 From August 6 to 8, the 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference with the theme of “New Wetland Ecology and New Island Life” was held in Caofeidian and Tangshan International Tourism Island. The conference achieved fruitful results, and 13 cultural and tourism industry projects had been signed. The total planned investment was 21.28 billion yuan, and the first batch of 6 Tangshan City Research and Tourism Demonstration Bases had been awarded.

In addition to the opening ceremony, cultural performances, project observations, expert forums, industry promotion conferences and other activities, the conference also prepared Caofeidian Culture and Art Festival, Wetland Outdoor Sports Festival for more than 370 participants and visitors. The Moon Island Ocean Music Festival, Tangshan International Tourism Island’s 1st International Beer Festival, sailing competition and many other activities.
The 13 signed projects included beautiful Nanshan Healthy Town Project, Caofeidian International Ecological Culture and Health City Project, Tangshan South Lake Leisure Sports Cultural Industrial Park Project, Hebei Qianxi National Chestnut Park Project, Tangshan Memory Film and Television Cultural Base Project, British RV Camp Project, China Lutai Fast Speed Automobile Culture Town Project, Swan Lake Kangyang Tourism Development Project, Flower Town Project, Tangshan International Tourism Island Huayang’er Kangyang Resort Town Project, Zhongqi Huanhai Auto Industry Industrial Park Project, Pearl River Cultural and Creative Industry Project, and core area project of Tangshan Mazu Cultural Tourism Industrial Park. These signed 13 projects had laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry to achieve a new round of development, and it had also highlighted the vigorous development of the city’s economic and social development.
In recent years, the development of tourism in Tangshan City has shown a good momentum of overall improvement in efficiency, popularity and popularity. In 2017, the city received a total of 56.03 million tourists and a tourism income of 58.7 billion yuan, a net increase of 21.95 million and 27.7 billion yuan in 2015 respectively. In the first half of 2018, it still maintained a high growth rate of 27.3% and 36%. This session of the brigade conference invested 2.3 billion yuan in project funds and 1.7 billion yuan in infrastructure facilities. The city’s cultural tourism investment group was established, and the cultural tourism resources realized “materialized” and “enterprise” operations. At present, Tangshan City is accelerating the construction of 22 cultural and tourism projects such as Tangshan International Tourism Island Bohai Tourism Holiday Recreation Complex and Qianxi Flower Township Fruit Lane Rural Complex, and strives to complete investment of more than 12 billion yuan during the year.