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World’s First Ice-breaking LNG Transport Ship Safely berthed at Tangshan Port 2018-08-13


Recently, the senior pilot of Tangshan Port Pilot Station led the world's first ice-breaking LNG transport ship, Cypriot LNG ship “Christophe de Margerie” safely berthed at Tangshan Port LNG receiving station.

It is reported that “Margaret” wheel is an ice-breaking LNG carrier owned and operated by Sovcomflot (SCF Group) of Russia. It is the world’s first ice-breaking LNG carrier with a cargo volume of 172,600 cubic meters and can sail independently through the thickest. In the 2.1-meter ice zone, the ship’s propulsion system has a power of 45 megawatts, equivalent to a nuclear-powered icebreaker. At the same time, the ship is also the first LNG ship in the world to travel through the Arctic route without the help of an icebreaker. In the sea test, it set a record of 1.8-meter-thick ice-breaking. The ship is 299 meters long, 50 meters wide and has a draught of 11.78 meters. In order to ensure a safe and smooth berthing, the pilot station was fully prepared in the early stage. Senior pilot Li Chunyong successfully led the ship to Tangshan Port LNG receiving station. As a merchant ship, Margaret took only 7 days and 17 hours to cross the North Sea route (NSR) to China without any ice-breaking support, setting a new record. During the crossing of the North Sea route, the ship sailed independently and the average speed reached 12.8 knots.

The picture shows the ship of “Margaret” parked at Tangshan LNG receiving station.