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Yan Hongjian, a Student Studying in the United States, saluted to His Hometown by Playing the Piano 2018-08-14


On the evening of August 11, Tangshan Grand Theater sent out melodious sounds. Yan Hongjian, a student studying at New England Conservatory of Music, ranked third in the world, returned to Tangshan during his summer vacation and held a piano solo concert called “Saluting to My Hometown·Tangshan” to report his study results in the past year to the folk of the hometown.

At 19:30, there was no empty seat at the concert. Yan Hongjian, wearing a suit, steadily stepped on the stage and bowed to the audience. Sitting in front of the piano, his fingers danced on the black and white keys, Beethoven: Sonata op.7 brought the audience into the world of music. The four major movements was in one go, and the audience burst into applause from the silence. Subsequent performances of Bartok: Suite op.10, Pi Huang, Chopin: Sonata op.35, Chopin: Polish Dance Op.44, and My Motherland, presented a musical feast for the audience.

Han Xi, a cultural celebrity highly praised him after watching Yan Hongjian’s performance, that “The contrast between his strength and weakness, the tone and the graininess are very obvious and clear, and the contrast between the movements is clear. He has made great progress this year.”

Yan Hongjian”s enlightenment teacher, the principal of Qinyuan Art Training Center, and the master of piano performance, Zhang Hejie, said after watching the performance that Yan Hongjian is a modest, low-key, grateful person who always learned from others. After receiving an offer letter from eight prestigious music schools in the United States, he chose New England Conservatory and studied under the world famous pianist Professor Gabriel Chodos. In the world’s top prestigious schools, there are musical geniuses and piano masters from all over the world, which encourages him to work hard and learn. After a year, Yan Hongjian’s stage performance is more stable, his mind is more peaceful, and he can better understand the style of music.

After the performance, Yan Hongjian was seen in the backstage. He said, “The schedule of cultural classes in the college is tight, and there are only five to six hours for practicing the piano per day. In this year, my skills on playing the piano has been greatly improved and I want to show my study results to my hometown.”

“May you chase the endless scenery” is a sheet of calligraphy written by the cultural celebrity Han Xi on the eve of Yan Hongjian’s trip to the United States, expressing his high expectation of Tangshan’s older generation of musicians.