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500 Tons of High-quality Export Steel produced by Qian’an was Sold to Indonesia 2018-08-30


A few days ago, 500 tons of high-quality export steel produced by Qian’an Xinda Steel Plant having gone offline and were sold to Jakarta, Indonesia. Xinda 500H steel production line is the first steel production line with many independent intellectual property rights in China. It adopts the most advanced rolling line system of Tianjin Zhongzhong Technology, the fifth generation CMA universal rolling mill, and Tangshan Yongfeng domestic first-class roll. Besides, it introduces the patent developed by Professor Wu Di of Northeastern University--changing the domestic first-class ultra-fast cooling technology, selects BS guide equipment produced by Hefei Baisheng Technology Co., Ltd. with more than 30 national patents, and adopts the digital regenerative heating furnace produced by Shanghai Jiade. The equipment provides quality assurance for the production of Xinda high-quality steel.