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The 11th China Pingju Art Festival opened 2018-09-10

On the evening of September 8, the 11th China Pingju Art Festival, co-sponsored by Art Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tangshan Municipal Government, was opened at Tangshan Grand Theatre.

Wang Lixiang, secretary of Party Committee of Hebei Provincial Department of Culture, presided over the opening ceremony. Mayor Ding Xiufeng and Ming Wenjun, Deputy Director of Department of Culture of Ministry of Culture and Tourism attended the opening ceremony and delivered their speeches. Lv Yuzhong, deputy director of Art Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Liang Fei, deputy inspector of Hebei Provincial Department of Culture, and municipal leaders of Yang Jie, Cui Han and leaders from the cultural departments of Beijing and Liaoning attended the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests watched the historical commentary County Leader of Laoting edited by Tangshan Performing Arts Group. The opera depicts that young Yu Chenlong, appointed as the county leader of Laoting, dealt with the water and prevented the danger of that, bravely fought with corrupt officials, and  the people who lived in the Qing Dynasty and cherished the enthusiasm of a generation of people who were honest and dedicated to the people.

This year’s Pingju Art Festival will last to September 14. During the period, there will be a repertoire show, an opening (closed) performance, an academic seminar, a “classical film screening of thousands of dramas”, and a social show of folk dramas.